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This is probably the smallest image rollover script I've ever seen. You have two lines to preload all your images, and then just a small bit of script in each link to create your rollovers. Very elegant, and easy to set up.

Created by: Mike McGrath
Website: website.lineone.net/~mike_mcgrath
Browser Information: NN, IE4+
Additional Notes: None

MouseOver our sad web developer.

Copy and paste this code into the <HEAD> of your document, to preload your images:

Copy and paste this to create your mouseovers.

The script for the head of your document preloads any mouseover images, so that there is no lag time for the image to download, when a user mouses over.

First, you must name all your images, like so:

<img border=0 name="imagename" src="off.gif" width="100" height="68">

Then, set up your links:

<a href="link.htm" onMouseOver="imagename.src='on.gif'" onMouseOut= "imagename.src='off.gif'">

If you wanted to swap several images you would set your links like this:

<a href="link.htm" onMouseOver="imagename.src='on.gif'; imagename2.src='on2.gif " onMouseOut= "imagename.src='off.gif'; imagename2.src=off2.gif ">

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